1.) What type of accommodations do you make for COVID-19?

We sanitize label mics before applying them to the groom and even an officiant. We only use a microphone on a stand for toasts, and use a sanitizing wipe before inviting up each presenter.

Prior to speeches, I ask those speaking to refrain from touching the microphone or stand, and if they do then I wipe it down before introducing the following person. We also developed a 'Text the DJ' option which allows us to print our own QR code, place them near guests, and then easily send song requests to me safely from a distance.

2.) What is your cancellation policy for events booked during COVID?

Weddings dates booked during Covid-19 are reserved with the $500 deposit amount. If rescheduling needs to happen and deposits will be rolled over to the new event date.

3.) Do you bring in your own equipment?

Yes, we provide every aspect related to sound for both ceremony and reception services.

4.) How long will you hold our date for us?

If rescheduling of wedding date takes place then we will look at calendar together to look at potential new dates for the next year. Once we have a date in mind as the potential new date I will give Covid-19 reschedules first opportunity at any of my open dates. We will hold the date up to 7 days before opening the date back up again to other potential clients.

5.) Do you self-quarantine before an event?

Yes, we also partake in Covid-19 test in-between events in cases where the recommended 14 day self-quarantine is not possible.