Inside Hannah and Chris’s Winter Wedding at the Inns of Aurora

Photo Credit: Boyko Photography

Hannah and Chris’s winter wedding at the Inns of Aurora was a celebration filled with warmth, romance, and timeless elegance. Located in the scenic Finger Lakes Region of New York, the venue provided a breathtaking backdrop of snowy landscapes and historic charm for their special day on February 25, 2023. The Inns, a collection of restored historic homes spread across 350 acres, allowed Hannah and Chris to create a truly personalized wedding experience. They thoughtfully utilized different spaces within the property for each part of their celebration, making the day feel uniquely their own.

Moments from the Inns of Aurora Wedding

The Ceremony

Hannah and Chris exchanged vows in the intimate setting of the Schoolhouse Loft within the Inns of Aurora. This charming red brick building, with its exposed brick walls and high beamed ceilings, provided a warm and inviting backdrop for their ceremony. Colorful floral arrangements made by Plenty of Posies added a touch of cheerfulness, complementing the historic charm. As guests found their seats, Vitamin String Quartet songs filled the air, setting a peaceful tone for the celebration.

Surrounded by loved ones, Hannah and Chris exchanged vows. The intimate atmosphere made the ceremony feel truly personal for everyone present. The music of the Vitamin String Quartet continued throughout, providing a beautiful soundtrack to their special moment.

Cocktail Hour

Once the ceremony concluded, guests made their way from the cozy confines of the Schoolhouse Loft to the Taylor House, another historic gem within the Inns of Aurora. Ornate rugs covered the floors and vintage photos lined the walls, showcasing the rich history of the Inns of Aurora. This vintage charm provided a delightful contrast to the cozy ceremony setting, adding a new dimension to the celebration. Guests mingled and enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, the space filled with happy chatter and anticipation for the festivities to come.

The Reception

For the final phase of their celebration, Hannah and Chris welcomed guests to the elegant Lakeside Room overlooking Cayuga Lake. This spacious room, with its historic murals depicting scenes of Aurora, candlelit chandeliers, and warm wood tones, provided the perfect backdrop for an evening of dinner and dancing.

The table settings were thoughtfully arranged. Bright, colorful florals in shades of pink, red, and purple decorated each table, complemented by gold place settings and crisp white tablecloths. The wedding cake, decorated with vibrant florals to match the centerpieces, served as a beautiful focal point. Hannah and Chris shared a special sweetheart table, creating a touch of intimacy within the larger gathering.

Throughout the evening, heartfelt toasts were given by the bride’s father, siblings, and the groom’s brothers. Their words, filled with love, laughter, and well-wishes, added a personal and meaningful touch to the celebration.

The Dance Floor

Photo Credit: Boyko Photography

A highlight of the evening was Hannah and Chris’s first dance, set to a unique custom arrangement of the Vitamin String Quartet. This choice continued the theme of beautiful string music that weaved throughout the entire day. More special moments unfolded as Hannah shared a dance with her father to the tune of “Sweet Child of Mine” by Paul Canning, and Chris shared a heartwarming dance with his mother to Tim McGraw’s “Humble & Kind.”

As the dance floor opened, the energy shifted. Starting with a slow song, the tempo quickly picked up, drawing guests out of their seats with a mix of classics from artists like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and ABBA. By the end of the night, the dance floor was alive with the energy of more contemporary hits, including a healthy dose of Beyoncé. Adding a touch of fun to the mix, guests posed and snapped photos in front of a brightly colored photo backdrop decorated with the words “Dancing in the Moonlight.”

Bring Your Wedding Vision to Life with Envision Entertainment

Hannah and Chris’s winter wedding at the Inns of Aurora was truly a special celebration filled with love and warmth. From the intimate ceremony in the historic Schoolhouse Loft to the lively dance floor in the Lakeside Room, every moment was filled with joy and personal touches.

Envision Entertainment played a key role in creating this unforgettable experience, having worked closely with the couple to understand their vision and bring it to life through music. If you’re dreaming of a wedding celebration that reflects your unique style and love story, reach out to Envision Entertainment to learn more.

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