Kaelyn and Andrew’s Rustic Wedding at The Kester Homestead

Photo Credit: Tracy Jade

Kaelyn and Andrew’s September 30th wedding at The Kester Homestead was the perfect mix of rustic charm and laid-back elegance. Located near Memphis, NY, this historic estate spans 10 acres and sits high atop a hill, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside. With over 100 years of history, the venue’s charm is undeniable. The enchanting woodland ceremony space and the beautifully restored barn provided unique and intimate settings for their celebration. 

Moments from the Rustic Wedding at The Kester Homestead

The Ceremony

Kaelyn and Andrew’s ceremony took place deep within the property’s woods, in a secluded clearing known as the Woodlands Cathedral. Sunlight peeked through the leaves of towering trees as guests found their places on vintage church pews.

The centerpiece of the Woodlands Cathedral is an arbor crafted from reclaimed wood, worn smooth by time and the elements and decorated with vibrant floral arrangements. Strands of fairy lights were strung from the trees and ornate rugs lined the path leading to the altar. 

As the ceremony began, the sweet melody of “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s filled the air, signaling Kaelyn’s entrance. She looked radiant in her flowing gown as she walked down the aisle with her father.

Cocktail Hour

After the ceremony, guests were led on a short, picturesque walk up the path from the Woodlands Cathedral to the venue’s Wild Garden. This cozy outdoor space outside the barn provided a welcoming spot for celebration. Overhead string lights hung from the tree branches as guests enjoyed the company and the fresh evening air. Picnic tables provided casual seating, creating an intimate and inviting atmosphere.

An eclectic mix of love songs, featuring artists like Lana Del Ray and Led Zeppelin, set the perfect mood for cocktail hour. The blend of modern romance and classic rock reflected Kaelyn and Andrew’s unique tastes, adding to the relaxed atmosphere.

The Reception

The wedding party moved indoors to the Gambrel Barn for the reception. This massive, hundred-year-old barn, was built with a steel frame construction and is said to be one of the first buildings of its kind in New York State. Rebuilt in the early 1900s, the barn features soaring ceilings and industrial chandeliers, making it the perfect rustic space to continue Kaelyn and Andrew’s celebration. 

Long, wooden tables – large enough to encourage a family-style gathering – were decorated with tall candles, mismatched plates, and vibrant floral centerpieces. To add to this intimate and warm atmosphere, dinner was served family-style by the skilled team at Scratch FarmHouse Catering. The tables were set with long platters of delicious, locally sourced dishes, encouraging guests to connect and share with one another. As guests enjoyed their meal, a playlist filled with Elvis classics filled the air.

The Dance Floor

Photo Credit: Tracy Jade 

The Gambrel Barn’s spacious dance floor was decorated with colorful rugs, setting the perfect scene for the rest of the night. Kaelyn and Andrew kicked off the dancing with a romantic first dance to “Gimme All Your Love” by Alabama Shakes. After a few sweet moments together, they opened the floor, inviting their loved ones to join them. The warmth and joy continued as Kaelyn danced with her father to the sweet melody of “My Father Daughter” by Jewel & Dolly Parton, followed by a touching mother-son dance to “Days Like This” by Van Morrison.

As the evening progressed, the playlist reflected Kaelyn and Andrew’s eclectic tastes. Classic rock hits from Elvis, the Rolling Stones, Alabama Shakes, and Led Zeppelin fueled the energy of the crowd. The dance floor then transformed into a nostalgic party with the addition of 90s/early 2000s favorites like Rihanna, Usher, and Kanye West. The mix of genres ensured a memorable night for guests of all ages, keeping the celebration going strong.

Bring Your Wedding Vision to Life with Envision Entertainment

Kaelyn and Andrew’s wedding was a blend of rustic charm and laid-back elegance. With its blend of natural beauty and historical details, The Kester Homestead provided the perfect backdrop for their celebration. From the woodland ceremony to the lively barn reception, every moment was filled with personal touches.

Envision Entertainment worked closely with Kaelyn and Andrew to create a musical atmosphere that perfectly reflected their personalities and tastes. From the heartfelt ceremony to the upbeat dance party, Envision helped bring the celebration to life. Contact Envision Entertainment today to learn how we can make your own wedding dreams a reality. 

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