Kester Homestead Wedding

Cassie & Liko’s Gorgeous Kester Homestead Wedding

Venue & Vendor Team

On this beautiful June day at the Skaneateles wedding venue The Kester Homestead we celebrated the marriage of Cassie & Liko. For their wedding ceremony and reception, I provided wedding DJ services as well as wedding décor uplighting in the reception area. Our day started out with guests arriving to the wedding ceremony sites at Kester known as the Woodland Cathedral where I had already had complete wedding ceremony sound discreetly hidden on the wedding ceremony grounds to mic up the ceremony as Joe Davoli played the fiddle alongside a guitarist for the ceremony music. Before taking my spot to run ceremony sound, I checked in with my wedding photographer Alyssa Vanzo a Rochester based wedding photographer. Joe and Alyssa completed the team for the ceremony on this beautiful Woodland Cathedral ceremony at The Kester Homestead grounds. Cassie and Liko’s ceremony was a beautiful intimate ceremony in the woods complete as Liko’s father Reverend Joe Miles an Island of Hawaii wedding officiant performed the ceremony which started out with the blowing of a conch shell to signal for the ceremony to begin. Reverend Joe also poured sand from the Hawaii beach around the couple that came from the beach Liko grew up at so a part of Hawaii could be part of the ceremony. After the wedding party recessional, we were all welcomed to the cocktail hour location on the grounds the Wild Garden.

Photo Credit: Alyssa Vanzo

Cocktail, Introductions & First Dance

As guests mingled, my “Wedding Dinner – Funk, Soul & R&B Classics” playlist, which I shared on Spotify, was playing in the background until guests were invited inside for the wedding reception portion of the evening. As everyone made their way into the Gambrel Barn, I got Cassie & Liko staged for their wedding party introductions. Guests got excited as I welcomed Cassie & Liko to the middle of the dance floor to share their choreographed dance together to “Giving You the Best I Got” by Anita Baker played.

Dinner & Dancing

Transitioning from first dance we all sat for a wonderful meal provided by Skaneateles wedding catering service Scratch Farmhouse. Soundtrack for dinner music was more R&B, Funk and Soul classics with a mix of some Reggae tracks from my “Reggae Fusion” Spotify playlist mixed in. We enjoyed a couple toasts from Cassie’s cousin and both at one time Cassie & Liko’s boss Jared. At the completion of dinner, I opened up the dancefloor with for the rest of the night with an amazing wide mix keeping the floor full. My Soundcloud Live Mix of the reception will give you an opportunity to listen to the diversity of the music styles this night. We finished off the night with “U know What’s Up” by Donell Jones followed by “We Are Trying to Stay Alive” by Wyclef Jean playing as the nights last tracks.

A couple's choice award badge from Wedding Wire for the year 2021. Five stars were awarded.
A couple's choice award badge from Wedding Wire for the year 2022. Five stars were awarded.
A couple's choice award badge from Wedding Wire for the year 2023. Five stars were awarded.
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