Summer Colloca Estate Winery

Jill & Josh’s Summer Colloca Estate Winery

Video Credit: Press Record Films

Venue, Vendor Team & Ceremony

On this very hot August day at the Sterling, NY wedding venue Colloca Estate Winery we celebrated the marriage of Jill & Josh. For Jill & Josh’s wedding ceremony and reception, I provided wedding DJ services as well as our one of our most popular enhancements couples choose which is our “Full Accent Room” uplighting package. Our day started out with guests arriving to Colloca for an outdoor ceremony with the Fair Haven Bay waters making a perfect background for the guests viewing the ceremony. I had already completed setting up wedding ceremony sound discreetly hidden in the back of the ceremony aisle. Before taking my spot to run ceremony sound, I checked in with my wedding photographer Rob of Rob Hickey Photography a Rochester NY based wedding photographer. My last check in was with the day’s videographer Tommy of Press Record Films also Rochester based wedding vendor. As part of this blog, you can see the wonderful photos by Rob and the just as wonderful film Tommy produced by Tommy. Rob and Tommy were both ready and in place for me to start the prelude music for the ceremony. After the wedding party made their way down to the ceremony site Jill and her father made the long walk to the Colloca Ceremony down with the rest of the wedding party as “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole played in the background for the long walk for Jill and her father. After vows to each other, ring exchange and a kiss Jill and Josh led the wedding party out to start the beginning of cocktail hour.

Photo Credit: Rob Hickey Photography

Cocktail, Introductions First and Parent Dances

As guests mingled, I had made my way back up to the reception spot to start the music to play as guests socialized for the cocktail hour. As cocktail came to an end guests were invited to their seats which lined around the center of the huge dancefloor and the upper balcony of Colloca’s beautiful banquet are with the most beautiful crystal chandelier as the focal centerpiece of the room.  Just before everyone had taken their seats, I had gotten Jill and Josh as well as their wedding party staged to make their grand entrance into the reception area that was so lovely decorated with so many white roses provided by Whistlestop Florist of Syracuse. Guests were over the top excited as the newlyweds weaved through the crowd and made their way to the center of the dance floor area to take the make and share some words of gratitude and thanking their guests for being there to share the special day with them. Josh ended the welcoming by asking to dance with his wife so him and Jill shared their first dance together to the song “Diamonds or Twine” by Ryan Hurd. After I faded out of the first dance song and guests cheered and we transitioned into our first parent dance where Jill danced with her father Chris to “Best Day” by Taylor Swift followed by Josh dancing with his mother Laurie to “You’ll Be in My Heart” by Phil Collins. Following the parent dances Jill and Josh danced with their little girl Remi sharing a moment the all the guests loved to the song “Lady” by Brett Young.

Toast, Dinner & Dancing

Following all the special dances we all next enjoyed several toasts followed by a blessing from Jill’s father before having a wonderful served meal by the Colloca staff. After the meal concluded I immediately opened the dance floor that quickly filled up and remained that way for the rest of the night! There was a great mix of dance tracks from the 80’s, 2000’s EDM to current that kept everyone in step right up until a great ending with two known singalong tracks first of which being “Higher Love” By Kygo & Whitney Houston followed by the last track “This Is It” by Scott McCreery.

A couple's choice award badge from Wedding Wire for the year 2021. Five stars were awarded.
A couple's choice award badge from Wedding Wire for the year 2022. Five stars were awarded.
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