Gia & Chris’s Winter Sinclair of Skaneateles Wedding

Venue, Vendor Team & Ceremony

On this whimsical January day at the Skaneateles wedding Venue The Sinclair of Skaneateles we celebrated the marriage of Gia & Chris. For Gia & Chris’s wedding ceremony and reception, I provided wedding DJ services as well as our couple’s favorite first dance special effect “dancing on a cloud” for their incredible first dance during the reception. Our day started out with guests arriving to The Sinclair for an indoor ceremony taking place in the reception room in front of the large Sinclair windows on the venues north end. I had already completed setting up wedding ceremony sound discreetly hidden in the room which was conveniently the same location I would be for the reception. Before taking my spot to run ceremony sound, I checked in with my wedding photography and videography team. Lindsey Stefanie a Rochester NY based wedding photographer (who’s incredible photos are seen in this very blogpost) and Mike Marano of Video Memories a Syracuse based wedding videographer were the wedding vendor team to help me with ceremony coverage. My final check in before the ceremony with the day’s wedding planner Eliza of Eliza Jane Event Design & Planning a Rochester NY. Eliza guided all of us vendors flawlessly through the day and was a huge help to me staging all the moments I had to incorporate in the days timeline. Gia & Chris’s ceremony was a lovely ceremony with the most beautiful floral décor behind and along the aisles that were accompanied with lit candles to add a special touch to the ceremony décor. The beautiful floral for Chris and Gia’s wedding was the work of Courtney Rapp of Westcott Florist in Syracuse. Once I took my spot the string Quartet started to play as a prelude to the wedding party and Gia and Chris making their way down the aisle. After vows to each other, ring exchange and a kiss Gia and Chris lead the wedding party out to start the beginning of cocktail hour.

Cocktail, Introductions & First Dance and Dinner

As guests mingled, a string quartet continued to provide the soundtrack for the cocktail hour. As cocktail came to an end guests were invited down to the once ceremony location that had been quickly flipped into a beautiful reception and dinner area by the Sinclair staff. As everyone made their way to their seats, I got Gia and Chris staged to make their grand entrance into the reception. Guest where over the top excited as the newlyweds weaved through the crowd and made their way to the center of the dance floor area. After a quick welcoming and a few words from Gia and Chris we transitioned right into their first dance as a married couple to “Adore You” by Miley Cyrus. Shortly into their first dance I gave my assistant Ron the nod as he was crouched and hidden on the comer of the dance floor as he dropped the “dancing on a cloud” effect for the first dance. As the cloud floated out you could hear all the guests excitement as they scrambled to get their phones to capture a recording of the magical moment in front of the Christmas tree on the Sinclair dance floor. After I faded out of the first dance song and guests cheered and I welcomed Gia’s father out to the dance floor where they shared their special moment together to “Promise Me You’ll Remember” by Harry Connick Jr. After the father daughter dance, it was time for me to welcome Chris back out to the dance floor to share his moment with his mother as they danced to “Boy” by Lee Brice. After all the special dances had concluded, we were served a meal from the always fabulous in-house caterer of The Sinclair, Rosalie’s Cucina. Rosalie’s served everyone in incredibly quick fashion, and we heard a few toasts from Gia’s father, Maid of Honor, and the Best Man. After toasts had been given, I wrapped up the dinner with playing a few more minutes of dinner music.

Dinner & Dancing

Transitioning out of the dinner music I opened the dance floor and there was nothing else left to do but dance the night away. In my dance mix there was a wonder wide variety of dance hits from the 80s, 90s, 2000s and today. Guests hung on the dance floor all night right up until the end where we closed out the night first with “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys and the final song being the hit by The Rolling Stones, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” as everyone circled around Gia and Chris to congratulate them with a huge applause.

A couple's choice award badge from Wedding Wire for the year 2021. Five stars were awarded.
A couple's choice award badge from Wedding Wire for the year 2022. Five stars were awarded.
A couple's choice award badge from Wedding Wire for the year 2023. Five stars were awarded.
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